Canadian Marijuana vs. Other Marijuana

When you use an online dispensary Ontario, borders are not as relevant as they once were when making decisions about from where to purchase your marijuana. Instead, you can focus on more important qualities. One popular choice for many people purchasing marijuana online is product grown in Canada. Learn more about how Canadian marijuana holds up against products from other countries. Now that online weed delivery in Canada has become widely available, you can choose from number of strains delivery right to your front door


One of the first things you should keep in mind when comparing Canadian marijuana with that from other countries is the legality of it. Currently, marijuana is legal for medicinal use throughout the country. Dispensaries are supposed to verify prescriptions before sending out products. As of October 17, 2018, marijuana is going to be legal across the country for recreational use as well as medicinal. Industry experts anticipate there to be a big boom to the industry, with many private and public companies opening up shop. 

The legality of marijuana is still a hotly debated topic throughout the United States. So far, nine states, along with the District of Columbia, have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Along with such, 13 additional states have decriminalized it for the same reason. It is legal in 31 states for medicinal purposes. Interestingly enough, it is still illegal at a federal level for any purpose. 


Potency refers to the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, that is present in products made from cannabis. THC is the main psychoactive component, responsible for providing users with the euphoric feeling associated with recreational use. It can also act as the primary pain suppressant for those using marijuana medicinally. 

When it comes to Canadian medicinal marijuana, there are very few limits on potency. Online dispensaries often ask to see your prescription and may cap you out at the dose recommended by your physician. Soon, however, there may be no such restrictions on potency for any user. As mentioned, Canada soon plans to make recreational marijuana legal. While there are strict regulations regarding the amount a person may possess at any one time and the number of plants that can be grown, there are no restrictions on potency. 

In states where marijuana is legalized for recreational use, there are also no caps on potency levels. The government understands that higher potency levels lead to more customers, which is why there are typically no restrictions. This does change when it comes to medical marijuana. Much like Canada, American dispensaries check to be sure that they only allow you to buy products that correspond with potency levels recommended by your doctor. 

Which is Best? 

Picking the best country to buy marijuana is difficult when you can get equal potency regardless of which country you order from. Anecdotally speaking, many users believe that ordering from British Columbia provides a fresher product that is smoother. Additionally, many Canadian marijuana products, such as candies and oils, are stronger and more effective than their American counterparts. The best thing to do is to try many dispensaries and compare your experience. 

Best Canadian Marijuana 

Ordering your marijuana is easy when you use an online dispensary Ontario. Many Canadian dispensaries are American-friendly, with conversion calculations done for you and favorable exchange rates. You can easily read reviews of the most popular dispensaries online to help you choose one that has the type of product you want in a potency that you find effective. All you need is a credit card and mailing address. Canadian dispensaries are discreet and offer private shipping methods to ensure that your product reaches your front door. When you order from a reputable dispensary, you can be sure you are going to receive a high-quality product in a very reasonable time frame.